Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Benny Boy

Small enough to still be wrapping up in his favorite {baby} blanket but big enough to wear a cavernous smile. I think he is doing a bang up job at being seven, don't you? 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Imagine Our Surprise...

All the way back in August, I asked Jer's dad to consider some life skills that he might work on with the boys. He agreed and jumped right in, offering to first work with them on building a birdhouse! They decided to meet on Saturday mornings and after picking a design, they faithfully spent many mornings cutting, sanding, gluing, and painting. Only taking a few weeks off for the holidays, they finally finished around the beginning of February. It was a rather big deal for the boys to complete their houses and an even bigger deal to them that we got them hung in time for all our migrating bird-friends to have the opportunity to take up residence in. Well, imagine our surprise when just a few days after we hung them, Judah spotted our first family busily setting up house. Needless to say, our morning of table work came to an end and we traded our math and reading for cameras and binoculars and learning right out our dining room window. A little further investigating told us that our bird family are Eastern Bluebirds, a variety that we had never noticed around our house or one that we even knew existed! What a fun little endeavor it's been trying our hand at birdwatching. And come next February, perhaps we'll be a little more prepared for The Great Backyard Bird Count!

 {Pictures by Ben}